Lainey Wilson Will 'Never Get Over' This Breathtaking Moment

Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this year, Lainey Wilson teamed up with dozens of singers for a stunning rendition of “Heart Luke A Truck,” backed by a choir. The reigning Country Music Association Female Vocalist of the Year reflected on that powerful performance on Friday (December 9), sharing that she’ll, “never get over how beautiful this was…I still get chills.”

Wilson previously posted a clip of the performance on Instagram, sharing the breathtaking moment with the UNO Choir at the University of Nebraska Omaha. UNO Sings previously wrote on Facebook that it was “such a joy having Lainey Wilson on the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus to sing with the UNO Concert Choir! What an amazing experience celebrating the release of her album and performances this week in Omaha. Come back anytime!!”

“Heart Like A Truck” debuted earlier this year, serving as an empowering anthem that’s “all about self-discovery, growth and embracing scars as badges of honor,” Wilson previously explained. It’s one of the 14 original tracks on Bell Bottom Country, Wilson’s latest album that released on October 28. Since releasing her album, Wilson has added new songs that appeared in the smash-hit series Yellowstone, as the award-winning artist made her acting debut. Now, fans can also listen to those two original tracks that Wilson shared on the show, “Smell Like Smoke” and “New Friends.”

Listen to Wilson’s full “Heart Like A Truck” performance with the choir in Omaha, Nebraska here:

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