Lindsay Ell Celebrates Becoming An American Citizen With Little Big Town

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Lindsay Ell is officially a U.S. citizen!

The “Right On Time” artist, who was born in Calgary, Canada, is officially a dual citizen, she announced on her social media channels on Thursday evening (December 8). Ell gushed in all caps that she’s “OFFICIALLY AN AMERICAN,” now that all of the paperwork is done. She’s already celebrated at least once, reflecting on the party that Little Big Town threw for her when she passed her citizenship test.

“Earlier this year on the road when I passed my citizenship test, [Little Big Town] threw me an American party. Here’s to the sweetest people in country music for making me feel so welcome on the road and in this country. ❤️,” Ell wrote in her caption on Instagram. “Fast forward to today when I just got the paperwork and it is officially official. The past 11 years have been quite the journey. So many blood, sweat, and tears relocating to a place where I knew no one to start building a life. Funny that to the day, I signed my record deal 10 years ago. Let this be a reminder that you can do WHATEVER you want to in life if you want it badly enough. I am now proud to be a dual citizen. 🇺🇸 🇨🇦”

Ell released “Right On Time” earlier this year, marking the start of a new chapter in her career. She explained that the powerful anthem is one that aims to assure listeners that “you’re living your life for you, and not for anybody else. Everything in your life is happening right on time in the way it should. You can never be late to the party in your own life.”

See Ell’s post here:

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