Jelly Roll Has Some High-Powered Help In His Weight Loss Journey

Jelly Roll has enlisted the help of a top-shelf "bio-hacker" with a long history of success in body transformations to help him shed that excess weight. 

On a recent edition of the "Full Send" podcast, health guide Gary Brecka talked about teaming up with Jelly to get his weight under control and get him on a much healthier path. Recently JR stated he has a goal of completing a 5K run by May. This will certainly help him with that goal.

Brecka discussed his admiration for the country singer, singling out his authenticity and inspiring message, and feels that helping Jelly live longer is important because "I feel that guy has a real message for the world." He explained that Jelly has been upfront about his struggles with his weight, and that they've come to a head, with the singer telling Brecka "This is the first time I felt like my weight was killing me." So Brecka and Jelly have gone to work.

Brecka revealed that JR weighed in at 494 pounds, but that his goal is to get the country superstar to half that in the next fourteen months. Before you shake your head and say "that's impossible," note that Brecka has a proven track record of effecting change in people struggling with their health and their weight. UFC chief Dana White credits Brecka with saving his life, and Jake Owen - already in good shape but wanting to stay that way - consults with him as well. 


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