Need A Laugh? What's the "Redneckiest" Thing You've Ever Done?

There was a hilarious Ask Reddit from awhile back that asked the question, "What's the redneckiest thing you've ever done?" And, boy, there were some doozies.

A few favorites:


1. "Shot at a woodpecker in my underwear."

2. "Made s'mores with a Bic Lighter." 

3. "Super-Glued a backyard wrestling wound shut instead of getting stiches."

4. "Cooked roadkill."

5. "Went to a wedding where the bride and groom used to be step-siblings."

6. "Ate Walmart fried chicken, drank beer, and floated down a river on an inflatable air mattress."

7. "Brought two goats home in the back of my Mustang."

8. "Had a John Deere tractor-themed wedding."

9. "Used a slingshot and dried beans to drive a possum off my porch."

10. "Got too drunk to fish."


What's the redneckiest thing YOU have ever done?


(Thought Catalog)

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