Jelly Roll Makes Triumphant Return To High School That Nearly Banned Him

Jelly Roll's long and successful road to redemption continued Monday with a visit to his old high school, Antioch High School in Tennessee - a big moment for Jelly, as he was effectively banned from the school in his younger days, being told he would "never be allowed back."

Fast forward to 2024, and he was not only welcomed back but celebrated by the staff and student body...

JR's wife Bunnie XO filmed the proceedings for her Tik Tok channel, summing up the happy event. Bunnie wrote, "I got to watch him walk the halls again, perform & be welcomed by the kids & teachers," said his wife. "The love and giving back that they showed my husband was the sweetest thing ever to watch. But most importantly the smiles on those kids faces was priceless & what I truly needed in that moment. Thank you Antioch High School students & staff for the warm hug we needed that day. Go Bears!"

Getty Images

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