The Top Signs You're on a "Vacation," Not Just a "Trip"

Are you going on a "vacation" this summer, or just a "trip"? 80% of Americans agree there's a difference...

The most common definition people gave for a "vacation" was traveling to relax, while a "trip" involves traveling for a purpose or an event. So, heading to Cancún would be a vacation. But if you're going for a wedding, it might just be a trip.


Here are the top signs you're on a vacation, not just a trip...


1. You're traveling to relax.


2. You're spending at least four days away from home.


3. You're completely disconnecting from work.


4. It's a trek. You're not just going somewhere nearby.


5. You're breaking out of your normal routine. 



(Motel 6 / SWNS)

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