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TikTok Will Start Limiting Kids to Just One Hour Per Day

Here's every 12-year-old's least favorite story of the week: TikTok just announced they'll start limiting kids to ONE HOUR of viewing per day.

They're rolling it out over the next few weeks, so anyone under 18 can't mindlessly scroll through videos for more than 60 minutes anymore.

After the first hour, kids 12 and under won't be able to keep using it unless a parent or guardian punches in a code to extend viewing by 30 more minutes.

Kids 13 and up can enter their own code. But they'll still get the alerts, so they'll have to actively choose to keep scrolling. It'll become the default for all under-18 accounts, not just new ones.

Parents will also be fed more info about how much time their kids spend on there. And you'll be able to customize your kid's limit for different days. Adults can opt in too, and get the alerts for themselves if they want.

TikTok says they're doing it because they care. But they might really just be trying to get the feds off their back.

The U.S. has been talking about banning the app completely because it's a Chinese company. They're worried China's using it to spy on us, steal our info . . . or maybe even feed kids endless dance videos to dumb them down.

Congress passed a law in December to ban the app on government-issued phones. This week, the White House gave all government agencies 30 days to comply. 

(TikTok / NY Post


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