Conversations with A Brain Surgeon With Dr. Lee Warren - Part 4: Neuro-habits (Outweigh)

Fri Part 2: Chase Matthew Surprises Ray With Truck + Morgan's Hack Theory

Chase Matthew took Ray's truck a few weeks ago to fix and he stops by the show to reveal all the work he did on it! Hear Ray's reaction and more! Then, Morgan shares her theory on how she thinks Lunchbox's Twitter got hacked.

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FYI: Lunchbox Isn't Your Babysitter

Lunchbox wants to make sure people understand he isn't there to babysit your kids and he would appreciate it if you would pay attention to your own kids. Luka Dončić is such a cry baby and it's super annoying to watch. Lunchbox's kid did something at 5 years old that Lunchbox didn't think happened until boys were teenagers. Do people just say things to make you think they have a rough life or do you think people really do have tough lives? 

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Fri Part 1: Eddie's Wife’s Reaction To New Hair + Listener Concert Update

Find out how Eddie's wife and kids reacted to his new "hair system" and if they like that he has a full head of hair now! Plus, Listener Kim who called in earlier this week about her husband's mishap with the Chris Stapleton tickets and was gifted two seats together gives us an update on how the concert was and more!

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Classic Replay/Kenny Aronoff-One of the great drummers of our time.

Join @TheBuzzKnight for this Classic Replay Takin A Walk episode with the great drummer Kenny Aronoff. Kenny is one of the most talented and passionate musicians you'll meet, talking about his influences, his work ethic, his work with John Mellencamp, working with Bob Dylan and loads more. 

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25W: TMZ is Unloading Bobby's Personal Life + Jon Sciambi on Juggling Multiple Jobs & Cubs Struggles + Someone Went to a Concert with a Stranger from Facebook

Bobby talks about TMZ posting an article about him and his personal life without knowing it was coming out, and says he isn't sure how to feel about it. Plus, Cubs play-by-play announcer, Jon "Boog" Sciambi joins Bobby to talk about his multiple jobs, the Cubs struggles, and more! And everyone from the podcast gives some life updates, including someone going to a concert with a stranger from Facebook!


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Thurs Post Show (6-13-24)

Bobby on Eddie being a brand-new man with his hair. Bobby reveals his new idea of what we can do when he’s not in the studio. We discussed our new Pimpin Joy t-shirts and how they were designed by Bobby’s wife. Bobby gets to news about an airplane paying passengers involved in a serious turbulence flight and if we would do it for the money? We tried to guess the Top 10 TV Dads.

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Thurs Part 2: Eddie's New Hair Reveal! + Lunchbox's Parents Got Scammed

Nashville Hair Replacement is in the studio to give Eddie his new "hair system." Hear his reaction when his final look is revealed! Plus, find out how Lunchbox's parents got scammed and more!

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Thurs Part 1: Show Building Home For Hero! + Eddie's Getting New Hair

We talked with USAF Technical Sergeant Daniel Beesting to let him know that with our new #PIMPINJOY clothing line, we will be helping build him a home through Homes for Heroes. Hear his story! Plus, Julie Taylor from Nashville Hair Replacement joins us in the studio to start the process of Eddie getting a new "hair system!"

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A Bittersweet Approach to Life & Living Without Regret

Amy’s niece, Adelyn, joins again (ep. 2 of 4) and this time they’re talking about the bittersweet parts of life + living without regret + chasing your dreams + PIMPINJOY (spreading joy to others!) This chat is 2 of 4 that will happen this month and we love having Adelyn’s perspective on life. 

Adelyn shares her experience of feeling both the bitterness of her losing her grandma (AKA: Marmie / Amy’s mom) to cancer and the sweetness of the impact and legacy that lives on through PIMPINJOY! Marmie also inspired a research paper Adelyn did this last semester on living without regret because something Marmie realized as she was dying, sadly, was that she didn’t chase her dreams….she didn’t even really let herself dream. 

Patriotic PIMPINJOY line launches today! Check it out HERE…everything turned out so cute!!! The Bobby Bones Show partners with Building Homes for Heroes every year to help build a veteran a home. ALL proceeds are donated. Shout out Bobby’s wife, Caitlin, for this year’s designs & The Shop Forward for helping make it all possible. It's all perfect for the 4th of July!


The book that has the quiz Adelyn shares is called Bittersweet: How sorrow and longing make us whole by Susan Cain. 


HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Adelyn Dozier

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